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X2Talent helps founders close high-quality designers with speed. We vet thousands of designers for early-stage roles like Founding Designer, Director of Design, UX Designer and more.

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When Carl offered a leadership role at Facebook, I initially doubted its suitability. However, his dedication, guidance, and ability to build relationships changed my perspective. Carl is an exceptional recruiter."

- Noah Richardson, Design Director

Carl, my original recruiter at Facebook/Meta, greatly improved my candidate experience. His accountability, dedication, and ability to find solid solutions made him an exceptional partner. I hope to work with him again soon in the field of UX/Product Design recruiting.

- Vicky Prazdnik, Product Design Manager

Here's what our clients say

I had the pleasure of working with Carl at Meta, both as a partner and as his manager. Carl's dedication, creativity in recruiting, and ability to build strong relationships make him an invaluable asset to any team.”

- Carley Insuasti, Recruiting Manager

I've worked closely with Carl in building the design team and he also recruited me to Meta. As a candidate's first point of contact, he is attentive, proactive, and strategic in talent acquisition. Carl's extensive network and prioritization of relationships make him an exceptional sourcing and recruiting partner..”

- Christine Imaizumi, Design Director

Why Hire Us

Industry Expertise: At X2Talent, our team consists of former designers turned recruiters, giving us deep insights into the design industry and understanding why some companies excel in design recruitment.

woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white paper
woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white paper

Proven Success: We discern why some companies outshine others in design recruitment, and we bring that expertise to you.

Personal Touch: Our human-first approach ensures a seamless fit between talent and company.

Building Inclusive and Diverse Teams

Championing Diversity: At X2Talent, we value diversity and inclusivity. We believe that a diverse team brings different perspectives and ideas, leading to innovation and success.

Innovation Through Variety: Believing that diverse perspectives lead to breakthrough ideas.

Empathy in Action: Taking tangible steps to ensure everyone feels represented and valued.

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